Home Inspector in Gifford, South Carolina

Atlas Home Inspection Service in Gifford, South Carolina is one of the most experienced, knowledgeable, and trustworthy home inspection companies in the area. Proudly providing pre purchase inspection on a home you intend to buy or sell, Atlas Home Inspection Service is happy to serve both current homeowners and those looking to purchase a new home. Our local home inspectors offer expert service in the world of home inspections.

Our property inspection will consist of extreme attention to detail and thorough examination of over 1600 home inspection items. Our home inspectors in Gifford, South Carolina will go through a home inspection checklist in its entirety and provide you with a complete report within 24 hours. We strive to assist you in making a well-informed and confident decision regarding a home or property.

Trust Atlas Home Inspection Service, Your Local Home Inspection Company

As a local home inspection company, Atlas Home Inspection Service is thrilled to help you take your first steps towards joining our local community. Whether you’ve lived in the area for a while or are new to the community, our local home inspectors are happy to be some of the first people you meet in Gifford, South Carolina.

All over our town and in the surrounding areas, different types of houses are for sale. While your real estate agent may be the one introducing you to different possible homes for you and your family to live in, the local home inspectors at Atlas Home Inspection Service are happy to help you make that new home become a reality. By providing you with a reasonable home inspection cost and by thoroughly examining each and every part of your new home, we are excited to help you make an informed decision about purchasing a new home in Gifford, South Carolina. Trust the people who live and work in the area. Trust Atlas Home Inspection Service, the most trusted and experienced local home inspection company in Gifford, South Carolina.

Licensed & Certified Home Inspector in Gifford, South Carolina

When you need a building inspection done, regardless of the reason, you want a certified and licensed home inspector to do the job right. Each of our home inspectors is highly skilled and trained at home inspection, and each individual is both a licensed home inspector and a certified home inspector. This means that all of our home inspectors have received training, testing, and evaluating in the field of home inspection, and they have all exceeded standards to become top-rated Gifford, South Carolina home inspectors who are proud to provide home inspections for Atlas Home Inspection Service.

Atlas Home Inspection Service is owned and operated by Licensed Lead Inspector, Paul Savino. Paul is not only a licensed inspector but also a licensed home builder in South Carolina and Georgia.

Real Estate Inspection by Atlas Home Inspection Service

Atlas Home Inspection Service in Gifford, South Carolina offers a variety of real estate inspection services. Regardless of if you’re a buyer or seller and regardless of what kind of property inspection you need, our home inspectors will provide you with exceptional service and a thorough home inspection.

Home Inspection (Buyer)

If you are buying a home, you must get a pre purchase inspection done on that home. Not only do many loan companies require this pre purchase inspection, but it really is for your own benefit. As licensed home inspectors, we know that the best way to ensure a good purchasing decision is to really know what you’re getting yourself into. By having a licensed home inspector from Atlas Home Inspection Service complete your pre real estate inspection, you will be well informed about the status of your possible new home.

As local home inspectors and as homeowners ourselves, we know that the true cost of a home includes the home itself and any possible repairs that need to be done. By following our incredibly thorough home inspection checklist, our home inspectors will find any and every potential issue that your possible new home may have, and you will gain an understanding of how much time, money, and work you’re going to have to pour into your new home. With all of this knowledge gained from your pre purchase inspection, you can make an informed decision regarding the purchase of this home.

New Construction Home Inspection

Many people believe that new constructions do not need house inspections since they’re brand new. However, new construction homes are expected to meet a certain quality standard, and our expert home inspectors are happy to complete a new construction home inspection before you close on your brand new house. Our new construction home inspection service will ensure that your new home is of a very high quality and that it will, in fact, function as a brand new home without any need for updates or repairs in the very near future. Let Atlas Home Inspection Service, the best home inspection company in Gifford, South Carolina, complete your new construction property inspection!

Foreclosed Home Inspection

Bank owned properties are scattered all throughout every region, including our wonderful town of Gifford, South Carolina. While foreclosed homes can be a huge temptation due to low cost, they are typically in worse shape than any other type of home and will generally cost a significant amount of money to restore and repair. Foreclosed homes are not for everyone, but if you’re looking for homes for sale that you can restore and renovate, they can be a great money-saving option.

In order to truly save money by purchasing a foreclosed home, you need to know what you’re getting into. Some cosmetic damage may not be an issue, but more significant problems can quickly run up a large repair bill that was not anticipated. For a reliable home inspection on a foreclosed home, trust Atlas Home Inspection Service. Our home inspectors will cover the entire spectrum of property inspection, including but not limited to electrical inspection, HVAC inspection, roof inspection, plumbing inspection, and structural inspection. A certified home inspector will give you honest and thorough results about your potential foreclosed home to help you make the best buying decision.

Condominium Inspection

Whether you are buying or selling a condominium or apartment, a thorough building inspection is necessary to complete the process. While similar to a standard home inspection, a property inspection of a condo or apartment is slightly different because of the nature of combined structures. A pre purchase inspection of your condominium will help you make a great purchase decision, while a pre listing home inspection will help you price your property well and anticipate any repair requests from potential buyers. For either type of real estate inspection for a condo or apartment, contact the best home inspectors i at Atlas Home Inspection Service n Gifford, South Carolina.

Pre Listing Home Inspection (Seller)

When you’re selling any type of property, the key to a quick and profitable sale is pricing your property well and being able to anticipate and appropriately handle requests from potential buyers. A pre listing home inspection will help you to do just that. Having a certified home inspection done before anyone even views your home will give you the upper hand in the buyer-seller relationship. By having expert building inspectors examine every inch of your home, you can know what to expect from buyers, and you can decide early on how to handle any repair requests or other buyer desires.

Atlas Home Inspection Service’s Home Inspection Checklist

All home inspection companies likely have their own home inspection checklist that they follow while completing inspections. At Atlas Home Inspection Service, we are so confident in our home inspection checklist and the expert home inspectors who execute it that we stand behind our home inspection service with a 100% satisfaction money back guarantee. We ensure that the property you are considering purchasing will have such a thorough home inspection done on it that you definitely will not be stuck buying a so-called “money pit.” We make certain that of all the home inspection companies in Gifford, South Carolina, we provide you with the most meticulous, detailed, and comprehensive home inspection and report. Our home inspection checklist is so exhaustive and our property inspectors are so knowledgeable, experienced, and well trained that we absolutely guarantee our services.

Our home inspection checklist includes over 1600 individual items of inspection. We cover all types of house inspection, including electrical inspection, structural inspection, plumbing inspection, HVAC inspection, roof inspection, and more. Our expert building inspectors and home inspector checklist make us stand out as a top home inspection company in Gifford, South Carolina.

At Atlas Home Inspection Service, our singular objective is to provide each and every client with the facts needed to make a well-informed, confident purchasing decision at a competitive rate. Atlas Home Inspection Service maintains a profound respect for the responsibility placed in our hands.

Full Report from Home Inspection Company

After we complete our home inspection checklist at your home, you will receive the full report. You can access this report any time of the day or night for at least 5 years. You will see everything that our home inspector saw during the property inspection with full details regarding recommendations and possible future issues. Our full home inspection report will include all of the information that we discovered using our home inspection checklist. The areas that will be included in your home inspection company report are as follows:

As you can see, our full building inspection report is incredibly thorough, and we do not overlook or ignore any detail. Our home inspection checklist and property inspection report is meant to help you make the best purchasing decision possible.

How Much Does A Home Inspection Cost?

When you’re planning on making a huge investment in the form of a new home, you want to make sure you’re making the best decision. A building inspection of your potential new home is the best way to ensure you’re making a well-informed purchasing decision. We know that there are often a lot of extra costs associated with purchasing a new home, including closing costs, repair costs, moving costs, and more. However, the reliable home inspection company, Atlas Home Inspection Service, suggests that you invest in a thorough building inspection before you make any final purchasing decisions.

You may be wondering, “how much does a home inspection cost?” That’s a great thing to consider, and you can likely find home inspection companies near Gifford, South Carolina that will complete a property inspection in all different price ranges. You should be more concerned with the value you’re getting rather than the cost of home inspection. An exceptional home inspection, like one done by Atlas Home Inspection Service, will provide you with a great deal of information about your potential home to help you make the most well informed and wise decision you can regarding a new property purchase. The value of a home inspection cost really is in the result—not buying a money pit and being confident in your purchasing decision is far greater than a small chunk of change spent on getting you to there.

Home Inspection Cost at Atlas Home Inspection Service

We know that a house inspection cost can be daunting, but we work to give you affordable home inspection pricing paired with unbeatable property inspectors. Here at Atlas Home Inspection Service, we know that we are the best home inspection company in the Gifford, South Carolina area and in the industry. We want to give you a reasonable home inspection cost so we can ensure the job is done correctly and so that you don’t have to spend unnecessary money on a less thorough and less impressive home inspection company. We truly want to provide you with an exceptional value, including both the home inspection cost and the priceless information that we supply you with.

Building Inspectors to Discover Source of Unexplained Problems in Your Home

Do you have an unexplained, recurring problem in your Gifford, South Carolina home? Our excellent building inspectors have superb troubleshooting abilities to carefully track down and locate the mysterious source of unidentified problems. Atlas Home Inspection Service, while serving customers mostly as a home inspection company, is proud to offer home inspection services that go beyond buyers and sellers. If you have some type of unidentified or unresolved issue in your home, an Atlas home inspector will come out to your home to figure it out. Using top of the line technology and good old common sense, we will pinpoint the source of the problem and do whatever we can to resolve it. Since our home inspectors have so much experience looking at the tiny, minute details of homes and matching tiny details to large problems, we are the best in the area at resolving unidentified issues.