A Clean HVAC System is Essential

HVAC, short for “heating, ventilation and air conditioning,” is the equipment in a home or structure that moderates the inside temperature to a comfortable level. Scheduling an HVAC inspection is important for the health and overall value of your home. If you are looking to have your home inspected by a certified home inspector in Bluffton, South Carolina, contact us today at Atlas Home Inspection Service. If your HVAC system needs a good cleaning, you can hire a repair company or complete the cleaning yourself.

Clean the Filters

The special air filters inside your HVAC system are crucial to keeping the air cycling inside of your Bluffton, SC home clean and dust free. Although it’s recommended to clean your filters free from dust and dirt at least once a month, it’s easy for it to get put aside in the middle of your busy life. Make sure to rinse the filters out underneath a stream of water, vacuum them, and replace them if necessary.

Check the Furnace Flame

Go to your furnace and turn it on if it’s not already. Carefully inspect the flame and make sure that it is not flickering or colored yellow or orange. This could indicate an issue with combustion in your furnace that will need an HVAC inspection to repair. If you see a steady blue flame, you’re good to go.

Uncover Registers and Grills

Occasionally, furniture pieces and rugs can slide over or in front of register vents. Make sure that all vents are uncovered for proper airflow. Investigate the air return grills to ensure that your HVAC is free of any dirt, pet hair, or dust that may be blocking airflow.

Look for Ductwork Damage

If your ducts are exposed in your Bluffton, SC home, there’s a chance that they may have acquired some damage over the years. Inspect your ductwork for damage in the form of dents along the ducts, torn sections of the flex ducts, streaks of dirt that clue towards leaking air, and any duct tape that is beginning to peel.

Contact an HVAC Inspection Service

Whether your HVAC system is regularly cleaned or not, it is always worthwhile to hire a certified home inspector to go through your home and make sure that it is in tip-top shape.

Atlas Home Inspection Service provides the most thorough home inspections in Bluffton, SC at a great price to ensure your real estate investment is a sound one. Contact us today to learn about an HVAC inspection or our thorough building inspection service!