Aspects of a Plumbing Inspection in Bluffton, SC

Water systems are a vital part of a well-working, comfortable home and a large part of any home inspection. A plumbing inspection will look for any water related problems and any improperly installed plumbing systems. A licensed home inspector will also check and test the water supply and distribution throughout your home in Bluffton, SC.

The first aspect of a plumbing inspection will be locating the main water valve. This is the best place to check the plumbing system for the entire house because it is also the main shutoff device. Second, the licensed home inspector will go to the water heating equipment, including the bracing, combustion air, connections, sources of energy, and the venting system. Your licensed home inspector can also determine if the home’s water supply is private or public. This can tell you whether you share water supply with multiple homes or if you have a private supply.

The second main aspect of a plumbing inspection in Bluffton, SC will be ensuring the plumbing fixtures are functioning. This can be done simply by flushing the toilets and running water faucets, sinks, showers, and tubs. The water supply can be determined by verifying the water-flow in the different fixtures.

Other aspects of a plumbing inspection include looking for defects including dysfunctional lavatories, sinks, and tubs. Cracks, leaks, and tanks that do not operate sufficiently are also considered defectives in the home. Your licensed home inspector can give you this information on these plumbing components, although an inspector usually isn’t required to test the washing machine or water heater for quality and life expectancy.

Having quality water in your Bluffton, SC home is a very important aspect of healthy living, and a thorough plumbing inspection from a licensed home inspector can show you the areas of concern that need improvement, as well as what components are still working great.