Indications You Need a Structural Inspection in Bluffton, SC

Structural issues can create more issues for your home and your mental state if you don’t take the precaution of getting a quality structural inspection for your potential new home in Bluffton, SC. There are a few indications that can tell you and your inspector if the real estate is worth investing in for you.

Deflection and warping of wood structures, fungal and insect infestations, previous fire, and connection failure are a few reasons for structural damage in a home.

Warping and sagging are some of the most common types of home damage your structural inspector may find. Issues with and failure of wood structures usually involve specific situations and don’t always mean the entire structure will fail. You may see signs of damage in warped floors, walls, or the roof. Warping can cause weakening in structural connections or water-tight joints to come apart in the roof. A structural home inspector can determine where the damage is and the steps that can be taken to prevent the problem from worsening.

A structural inspection can bring other places of concern to light, such as the bowing or sloping of floors and cracking or tilting of the foundation’s walls. Floors sometimes sag or slope as a result of a previous remodel project in areas such as the kitchen or bathroom, although a professional home inspector can determine the level of seriousness and probable point of origin for the issue. A structural home inspection can also determine if there were any supporting walls that had been removed, checking for missing joist hangers and cuts or holes made in the joists. The inspector can also check for signs of insect or fungal attacks.

A structural home inspection for your potential property in Bluffton, SC can help you to make the most educated decision about your investment.