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What is a Home Inspection

A home inspection is a thorough examination on the condition of building’s structural, and operating components. Over 1600 items will be evaluated from the roof to foundation, and all systems in between. Each home inspection is accompanied with a detailed report including photos and descriptions of deficiencies, both major and minor. As it would be difficult to list every component that is inspected, a summary of inspection items are listed below.

Items that are included in the Inspection are as follows:
  • Attic inspection
  • Insulation inspection
  • Ventilation inspection
  • Roof & Flashings inspection
  • Gutters inspection
  • Basement inspection
  • Crawlspace inspection
  • Foundation inspection
  • Grading inspection
  • Retaining Walls inspection
  • Siding & Trim inspection
  • Driveways & Walks inspection
  • Ceilings inspection
  • Floors inspection
  • Walls inspection
  • Doors & Windows inspection
  • Chimney inspection
  • Fireplace inspection
  • Major Appliances inspection
  • Electrical System inspection
  • Water Heater inspection
  • Plumbing System inspection
  • Air Conditioning inspection
  • Heating inspection
  • And Much More…

Clients Testimonials

  • My daughter purchased a home in Savannah GA. Paul was the second home inspector I spoke with and I am glad he's the person who came out to inspect the home. In all of the properties that I have purchased, he's by far the most thorough. His report is geared towards the layperson who may not know anything about construction. It was clear and concise. I'm glad that my daughter's realtor took his card to recommend him to future buyers. They will definitely get their money's worth.

    - Cheri Oda-Utz in Savannah GA November 2013
  • Paul was very helpful before, during, and after his inspection of our prospective property. His inspection process was most thorough and professional. He was very accommodating when I asked questions. He took his time to make sure I understood his answers and made recommendations where needed. Would definitely recommend his services to others.

    - David Orne in Beaufort SC, February 2013
  • Went extremely well. Paul was very professional and knowledgeable. Certainly, up-to-date on Code. Paul found several items which were not per Code, the Builder was unaware and the County guy surely didn't catch them; had those items fixed prior to closing. Paul uses technology well. Next day I had a very detailed report with photos available to me on-line.

    - Carl McNamee in Statesboro GA
  • Thank you so much for your professionalism and for the knowledge on my home you provided to me. Our builder is now in the process of correcting all the issues you found. I will highly recommend you to anyone!

    - Jessica Haselbauer in Guyton GA, February 2013
  • Paul Savino is a very knowledgeable and helpful professional. I am currently living 12 hrs away and I had a difficulty making an appointment date to inspect a house, when the current homeowner and Realty Agent were not available, he made the appointment for me. He called to inform me that he made an appointment and when he completed the home inspection kept me in the loop. Upon receiving his inspection report I was very impressed with how thorough and informative his report was. He answered questions my wife and I did not think to ask and inspected areas we did not thin to look. We HIGHLY RECOMMEND Paul to anyone who wants a thorough and informative inspection of a property.

    - Peter Anselmo in Guyton GA
  • Mr. Savino showed up early, worked hard and thorough with the home inspection. He went through every aspect of the house with a fine tooth comb. He found numerous issues that really made a huge impact on the readiness of the house I purchased. I worked it out with contractor to have all issues fixed correctly before we closed. Mr. Savino is a true professional and does outstanding work. He is accurate, timely and productive and a man of his word. I would highly recommend Mr. Savino for any inspections you need, well worth the money spent.

    - Wayne Evans in Hampton SC
  • Five hours of looking was more than expected. Helpful and kind. Worth the money paid.

    - Kathleen Adamson in Millen GA, December 2012
  • Atlas Home Inspection Service was very professional. Provide excellent service & honest advice about the house that was being inspected.

    - Trisha Jordan in Allendale, SC
  • He did everything I expected of him and then some. Even after the inspection he impressed me with an email containing the full inspection report just hours after we left.

    - David Homan in Port Wentworth, GA
  • The home was a new construction and Mr. Savino helped find things that I would of easily missed. This is my first home buying experience so I don't have a lot to go on, but to me, He seemed very thorough and professional, and was very attentive to detail. He took time to answer all my questions and explain everything he found. I don't think you can ask for much more in a home inspection. I had the full report with pictures emailed to me that same day. Mr. Savino showed up on time and did an excellent job. I highly recommend him to others.

    - Robert Hanlon in Pooler, GA
  • Mr. Savino was truly a professional. I was very impressed with his attention to every detail. The building manager was impressed as well. The pictures of every fault made it easier to understand. I would highly recommend you use his service. Thank You Mr. Hicks,

    - Brett Hicks in Guyton, GA
  • Very enjoyable experience

    - Donna Schoner in Beaufort, SC
  • Paul Savino is great guy. He did any excellent job. I highly recommend this service provider.

    - Eugene Williams in Savannah, GA
  • Paul was extremely professional, prompt, and detailed. We were looking to buy a second home and he inspected the home. There were a couple of things that concerned him and we addressed the issues with the owner to get fixed. Thank goodness we had the home inspected. He was very thorough in his inspection. Great experience, would definately recommend.

    - Lisa Ashby in Hampton SC
  • Outstanding! He was very thorough and provided an extremely detailed report.

    - Chris Boone in Statesboro GA
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Pre-Closing Inspections/Buyer Inspection

 A home inspection performed for a buyer is an unbiased, third party evaluation of the entire home and all of its systems. An inspection on the home that is being considered for purchase is a necessary step. Data collected through the home inspection process will be detailed in a factual easy to understand report including photos and descriptions. The report will be delivered to you within 24 hours of the inspection’s completion. Our singular objective is to inform you of current issues as components that may be nearing the end of their life span. A buyer is often searching for the best home at the lowest price. Atlas Home Inspection Service recognizes that the actual purchase price of a home is the selling price plus the cost of repairs. A home in need of many repairs may not suit every individual’s lifestyle, or may place certain homes beyond financial reach. The home inspection report may be used to develop a strategy to negotiate with the seller on price and or repairs. Allow Atlas Home Inspection Service to assist you in removing the uncertainty from your home purchase.

New Home Inspections

A new home inspection is executed prior to closing on a newly built home. Atlas Home Inspection Service understands that this is a brand new home, not a resale. The inspection includes all of the elements of a typical home inspection while holding all components to newly manufactured standards. Allow Atlas Home Inspection Service to ensure that your home looks, feels, and operates as new.

Bank Owned Properties

Unfortunately bank owned properties can be found in every neighborhood we drive through while shopping for a home. These properties can often be purchased at extremely competitive prices. The service described in this section consists of a typical home inspection while taking into consideration many of these properties have been vacant for an extended period of time. Financial intuitions are not suited to maintain the overwhelming number of properties they have taken ownership of. Atlas Home Inspection Service is aware of systems that fail and deteriorate due to vacancy and poor maintenance practices. Please consider Atlas Home Inspection Service to ensure your bargain find is in fact a good buy.

Apartment/Condominium Inspections

Apartments and Condos inspections are very similarly to home inspection while maintaining some differences due to the nature of combined structures. Whether you are thinking about purchasing or listing your apartment or condo please consider Atlas Home Inspection Service for your inspection needs.


 Selling a home in today’s marketplace has become an increasingly difficult enterprise, as the market continues to favor the buyer. A home inspection performed for a seller is the same unbiased, third party evaluation as for a buyer. However, there are specific benefits afforded to the seller by having a professional inspection performed. Having an inspection on the home that is to be listed, before it is listed, is a powerful step in the selling process. The pre-listing home inspection gives the seller a realistic view of the property’s current conditions, and the repairs that need to be addressed prior to listing. A seller with a home inspection report and documentation of any completed repairs now has a more marketable home. The inspection report coupled with documentation of repairs relieves the risk of a buyer walking away from the property because of a few minor deficiencies that could have been easily corrected. Atlas Home Inspection Service will provide sellers with the tools to confidently list a property, eliminating the risks of buyer walk offs and injured reputations.

Pre-Drywall Inspection

 A pre-drywall inspection is a visual examination of building before the drywall is installed. The inspection allows for a thorough examination of electrical, framing, plumbing, HVAC, and insulation systems. This stage in the building process is the best time to spot defects, before they are concealed by a permanent interior finish. Discovering defects at this phase gives a builder the opportunity to address issues early. This streamlines the building process and prevents schedule delays, which may lead to a later than anticipated completion date. Please consider Atlas Home Inspection Service to examine the systems of your new home before they are concealed.

11th Month / 1 Year Builder Warranty Inspection

Builders typically offer a home warranty on workmanship, products, and systems for one year after the closing date. The conditions of most builder warranties are unfortunately outlined in a difficult to understand handbook. We understand determining parameters, tolerances, and terms used in the warranty handbooks can be confusing. Atlas Home Inspection Service is familiar with home warranties offered by builders. We will inspect the home and work closely with the home owner to put together a realistic warranty request to submit to their builder before the one year is up. This service is usually scheduled early in the 11th month after the closing date. These warranty requests must be submitted prior to the one year deadline. Atlas Home Inspection Service can save you the time of making warranty appointment after warranty appointment by delivering a report you can send straight to your builder.

Do You Have an Unexplainable, Reoccurring Problem?

 Does your home have an unexplainable, reoccurring problem? Atlas Home Inspection Service prides itself on combining the latest technologies with a good common sense approach. Mysterious problems do occur, and often require an extensive understanding of building sciences. Each component in a home has an independent function while often being linked other systems. These connections between components, materials, and systems must be considered together to discover the cause. Atlas Home Inspection Service offers this truly unique service to aid in solving the uncommon problem.

Life Expectancy of Household Components